Dreams That Do Come True

Thank you for all the help and effort! Thank you for being an instrument to students and graduates in fulfilling their dreams!

Preparation Is The Key

I really appreciate every single effort of the approachable staffs as they helped in the preparation of the entire thing.

Little By Little

I can now achieve my Goals little by little I am now confident enough to face all the challenges and trials in life.


The New Me!

I can say now that I was trained properly and I was exposed with the International standards.

Zip Travel All The Way

I experienced how to work and learn new things together with my fellow participants in this program.

Sweet Trip @ The USA

I thought that its gonna be hard knowing that I don't have my family, friends and the people who are close in my heart with me. But it wasn't instead it's a dream came true.

Explore Fascinating Places Across the US

I got the chance to visit famous destination across the US from Time Square in the East to Hollywood in the West.

Captivated on its Color and Culture

Get green and wear green! It’s how the way it was when I was able to join the parade during the feast of Saint Patrick.

Summer Like No Other

It was the best and most unforgettable summer getaway I ever had! Who would’ve thought that I could experience SNOW in a Summertime? It’s possible!

Explore the Most Diversified Country in the World

I was able to have a deeper understanding on different cultures of the people I have worked with and met during my Summer Work and Travel.

Build Worldwide Connection

I know that I have somebody to look forward of meeting them in their home. This is one of the great benefits of the program a student like me could get.

Just Believe!

At a very young age, I have traveled half the world and be able to leave my comfort zone. It was my first time riding a plane and to be away from home which was my haven.

My Most Proud Accomplishment

I feel so proud of getting my program done full of appreciation from delighted guests and recognition from my supervisors and managers.

Forever Thankful

All that I have experienced during the program wouldn’t be possible without the undeniable effort, hardwork, dedication and support of my Zip Travel family.

Save Memories

My in-basket won’t be empty of good memories and worthwhile experiences. I am thankful I have joined this program and felt so fulfilled!


Work and Travel Program is a summer program intended for college students of any course who wants to gain valuable experience in the United States during their summer break from March to June. Participants will enrich their cultural understanding through various exposure and interactions with other participants from different countries. Participants are assigned in various work assignments related to their field of study to enable them gain relevant exposure and enhance their skills and knowledge. Participants may also be assigned to work assignment not related to their field of specialization to acquire different skills and knowledge.

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Internships Program is designed for graduating students and recent graduates to acquire professional work experience and enhance their technical skills associated with their major field of study while being immersed in American lifestyle and culture. From New York to California, participants can expect to be trained in various locations in the USA for qualified host companies dedicated to delivering structured and practical training programs that abide by the US Department of State Exchange Visitors Program criteria.

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Career Training Programs are a practical on-the-job training in an American business for young professionals. The program bridges the participant's course of study to their career development objectives. While participants gain practical knowledge in their specialized fields, the American staff gains international cultural and business awareness. The participants not only gain valuable insight into American business methods and practices, they immerse themselves into American society and culture.

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ADRIEL ANJELO ALFONSO - Holy Angel University
I was assigned in California, I was a busser at first but I was transferred to a food runner. It was quite a stressful job, but it was really fun. It was fun serving people, I really enjoyed serving Americans with their big smiles when I bring their food. The challenge that we have faced comes down to the housing part, we didn’t have any Unity, we had some conflicts but in the end we managed to overcome it. Despite all that I just enjoyed it while I was there because it was only once, but I am planning to return there [USA] for my internship. It was really fun and Challenging, though there were some problems, we managed to overcome them. Totally it was really a fun experience and I suggest all students should try the work and travel. It was always a memorable moment when we travelled and explored new things, like one time we went to Las Vegas and it was like a dream come true for me. It was really unbelievable, the casinos, the buildings, I never really thought that Las Vegas will be that nice. Because I only see it in the internet and TV. We checked-in Caesars Palace, my dream come true, because I’ve only seen Caesars Palace once – in the movie ‘The Hangover’. When we checked-in it was mind-blowing, very big, and amazing. The lesson that I learned is that it’s important to have unity in a foreign country. I would advise that they should always be united and try to make friends with everyone, they could have less conflicts. Overall it was a good experience.

I was assigned in Reno, Nevada as a Cook, the hotel has a lot of activities like bowling, car racing, bungee jumping and many others, the people whom I worked with were all so nice, I’m so glad that I became part of Grand Sierra Resort. In the kitchen, we always worked as a team, at first I thought I will not be able to do this kind of thing but when I finished the program I never felt so confident! Now I feel like I can do more in my life and I really want to go back to the US. As I spent more time there I learned to adapt to their ways of life, I was having fun, enjoying and felt all sorts of emotions – Joy, Sadness, Love, Hope, and other emotions; I even found out that I have a hidden knack for bowling! Everything felt so fast, and in the blink of an eye I was on my way back to the Philippines, three months is just a very short period of time. I never felt even an ounce of regret since joining the summer work and travel program. While in the US, my workmates and other J1 participants became my second family. There were those that I didn’t get along at first but in the end we became good friends, though I never really thought that they will warm up to me since I’m really boisterous and loud. It was a blessing to meet them. After the program I got to travel to different places like, Lake Tahoe, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, New York, and Vancouver in Canada, but my most memorable experience is when I got to see snow for the first time, it returned me back to my childhood. As a whole traveling, seeing different places and doing it with friends is the best experience. I strongly encourage everyone who is interested to join the program, this can be the stepping stone for their future careers. They will not regret even a minute of the experience that they will gain from joining this program. As they say “You need to get out of your comfort zone to discover yourself

KHRYSS TIMBRESA - Our Lady of Fatima University
I really appreciate how the Zip Travel Team took all the effort in accomplishing and helping us in all of the requirements. Thank you Zip family in helping us, students, fulfill the things that we've been longing for - to have our training in a country where we will be competitive enough to be professionals in our chosen career. Thank you so much for having the passion to help students. Not just for the sake of money maters but you have the heart to let us be in the field of a global experience. The application process was smooth and fast in our case and i believe that you did a lotta of work especially for us nine (9) students leaving for our internship in the United States.
Thanks for the hard work. I know that God will bless Zip abundantly with what all doing to us, Filipinos. I thank coz He's using the right person to help others. To Mr. Black I can see that you're not the type of guy that takes advantage to people instead you really have the heart to help students. My mother mentioned that also.


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Zip Travel Philippines (Inner Outer Travel, Inc.), established in 2009, is an affiliate of Zip Travel international, a world leader in the work and travel consultancy business with corporate office in Lithuania and satellite offices in the US and various countries in Europe.

Zip Travel International is proud to help facilitate students with the Exchange Visitor Program (EVP). In the Philippines, it has helped thousands and is still helping more and more students all over the land fulfill their vision of becoming globally-competitive in the hospitality industry via the cultural exchange program of the US government. The Exchange Visitor Program, facilitated by Zip Travel, is an international exchange program administered by the United States of America to implement the Mutual Education and Cultural Exchange Act of 1961, as amended, Public Law 87-256, 22 USC 2451, et. Seq. (1988). This includes the J1 work and travel and J1 internship programs. Thru the program, the men and women of Zip Travel are dedicated to helping Filipino's and those from other cultures gain a better understanding of one another and the world around them - reaching out to encourage a lifelong journey of global peace, respect, independence and inter-cultural understanding.




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Zip Travel Philippines is a career and education counseling/travel organization. We help students and young professionals attend cultural exchanges and travels in the United States and in Australia. As a global company, Zip Travel has been in the business for over twenty three (23) years and has helped thousands of students worldwide obtain the opportunity to participate in the Cultural Exchange Program authorized by the US Department of State. Our corporate office is located in Europe and have a satellite office in Florida. Zip Travel (Inner Outer Travel, Inc.) in the Philippines was established in 2009 and it has recorded tremendous growth since it started in Southeast Asia. Aside from its global affiliation, Zip Travel Philippines attributes its success to its principle of providing Filipino students inter-cultural opportunities for work, travel, and training with utmost professionalism.

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